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First Starbucks Coffe Shop Soon To Be Opened in Istanbul


When smoking is forbidden...

The residents of Istanbul are very excited nowadays. They are awaiting Starbucks, the well known U.S. coffe shop chain to open its first cafe Istanbul. Since there are a significant number of Istanbulians who at least once visited the United States and know the legend, Starbucks is expected to make an easy entrance into the Turkish market.
Shaya, a Kuwaiti company, which also introduced the clothing companies GAP and M.C.I. to the Turks, will now bring the coffee chain to Istanbul. Starbucks branded packaged coffee was already available in gourmet stores and had already become an elegant detail in rich Turkish kitchens.
Details about location and size of the store are not made public yet.

No doubt Starbucks will be a melting pot for young and old, as well as rich and rich in Istanbul. Only two questions however remain to be answered: Will Starbucks Turkey will serve Turkish Coffee (which it currently does not in any other country) and how will the Turks react to the \"NO SMOKING\" signs...

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